Roxhill has now undertaken two stages of public consultation – Stage 1 was held in December 2016 - January 2017, and Stage 2 was recently held between October 2017 and November 2017. There is an iterative relationship between the emerging detail of the development proposals, the outcomes of the consultation processes, and the outcomes from the wide-range of technical studies, surveys and assessments being carried out to inform the application.

Comments and ideas received through various means of dialogue and engagement with the local community and other consultees has seen changes and refinements made throughout the process of preparing the development proposals since late 2016. The development proposals have also been amended or refined in response to the findings of the technical work undertaken over this same period to respond to opportunities to minimise adverse impacts, and maximise environmental and other benefits as a result of the proposed development.

Since Stage 2 concluded Roxhill has decided to make some minor changes to the proposals, and is holding a further consultation process focused on these changes – this is to ensure local awareness of them, and to provide an opportunity for comment.

The proposed changes are:

  • minor changes to some of the highways mitigation works some of which have implications for the extent of land affected close to the A508.

The plans associated with this change, showing the former proposals and the now updated proposals at Rookery Lane/Ashton Road, as well as a new section of widening within the highway on Knock Lane.

  • making explicit provision for an aggregates terminal within the intermodal terminal area; and
  • provision of a secure and dedicated HGV parking area for vehicles and drivers serving the site – not for HGVs in the wider area.

These changes are shown on the updated Illustrative Masterplan, as shown on the December Newsletter.

Further Consultation Plans (Dec 2017)

The intermodal rail freight terminal has always been presented as being able to handle a range of freight types, but the proposals (see over page, and online) have been amended to include provision for an aggregate freight terminal as part of the intermodal terminal. This is in part a direct response to specific interest from an occupier in relocating an expanded rail served aggregates storage and distribution facility at Northampton Gateway.

HGV parking has been an explicit feature of the proposals from the outset, and was already referred to in the description of development. HGV parking was to be provided in the form of lay-bys along access roads within the site. However, in light of the specific advice and requirements of the Police, the proposals now include a specific HGV secure parking area with driver welfare facilities.

These changes have been reflected in an amended description of development is now as follows:

  • An intermodal freight terminal including container storage and HGV parking, rail sidings to serve individual warehouses, and with the capability to also provide a ‘rapid rail freight’ facility and an aggregates facility as part of the intermodal freight terminal;
  • Up to 468,000 sq m (approximately 5 million sq ft) (gross internal area) of warehousing and ancillary buildings, with additional floorspace provided in the form of mezzanines;
  • A secure, dedicated, HGV parking area of approximately 120 spaces including driver welfare facilities to meet the needs of HGVs visiting the site or intermodal terminal;
  • New road infrastructure and works to the existing road network, including the provision of a new access and associated works to the A508, a new bypass to the village of Roade, improvements to Junction 15 and to J15A of the M1 motorway, the A45, other highway improvements at junctions on the local highway network and related traffic management measures;
  • Strategic landscaping and tree planting, including diverted public rights of way;
  • Earthworks and demolition of existing structures on the SRFI site.

In addition to a leaflet, and the information on this website, letters have been sent to landowners and other consultees.

Any comments are sought by 2nd Feb 2018.

Comments can be provided by the following means:

Stage 2 Documentation (Oct 2017)

Plans & Drawings

Draft Development Consent Order

Draft Compulsory Acquisition Information

Draft Environmental Statement

Other Reports / Statements

Public consultation (Stage 1)

Roxhill held three public consultation exhibitions in December 2016. These exhibitions provided early information about the proposals and were intended to update people about the ongoing work to prepare an application for development consent. The initial consultation events were held at the Hilton Hotel, Collingtree.

Those initial, non-statutory consultation exhibitions provided an opportunity for people to view and comment on early and draft information from the work undertaken up to that point , and to understand the ongoing work (including the Environmental Impact Assessment). This included plans and cross-sections of the proposed site, and proposals for a Roade Bypass. Roxhill also attended a number of local meetings with Parish Councils and local people in a number of communities close to the proposed development.

To aid public consultation, a Summary of Proposals was prepared – this can be downloaded here.